You are unique, and your future home will be too

You are unique, like your future home

You may have difficulties when it comes to making your ideal home a reality and may not know where to start…
Perhaps you have been presented with proposals, but they don’t reflect the environment in which you want to live for the rest of your life…
You need to materialize the idea of that dream home, but nothing enchants you, and you feel like you would have to compromise on the dream of a unique space…

Now, imagine what it would be like to find the Architect who can give shape to your ideas.
You know that your home is the space that will define your quality of life.
Imagine inviting all your friends and family to the inauguration party and having everyone be amazed and enjoy your home, and they tell you how unique and different it is.
Be amazed by the results because you never even imagined it could be so perfect.

With my architecture, you will be able to make that dream a reality.
My specialty as an architect and artist is understanding what you truly want.
From the design to bringing it to life in the physical realm, I will take care of everything.
So that you can simply enjoy living in the house you have always wanted.
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Architecture and Nature in a perfect symbiosis


The development will have 7 phases, and I will take care of everything to make it easy for you until you can enjoy your perfect home.

1. Plot

If you already have it, we will go together to visit it.
If not, we will find it!

We can select the plot that best suits your preferences according to local urban planning regulations.
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2. Concept Design

This is the most creative phase of the project where we will establish the foundations and define the general aspects of design, such as spatial layout, volumes, materials, and architectural elements.

It's an exciting stage where we will explore innovative ideas and find the visual aspect of the project.
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3. Design Development

In this phase, we will develop the architectural aspects of the project, with the ultimate goal of presenting it for approval by the local authorities.
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4. Construction Documents

While the Urban Planning license is being processed, we will proceed with its development to define in detail all the construction systems of the project. Accuracy and precision are crucial in this phase to have a fully refined budget from the builder.
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5. Selection of the Builder

This is the most critical phase because choosing the right builder is not easy. I have trusted builders with whom we can compare quality, price, and execution to ensure that the project is constructed exactly as detailed in the plans.
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6. Construction

Certifications of the work between the Builder, Technical Architect, and Architect will ensure that each budgeted item is being executed according to the project.

Undoubtedly, this is the most exciting part, seeing how all our designs come to life.
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7. Final Certificate of Completion

When the entire construction process is successfully completed, this document will be drafted. Once signed and approved, you will obtain the Certificate of Occupancy.

It is the moment to bring to life all those spaces we once designed together and are now built.
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Villa Helios

To make all of this I’ve told you a reality, the first step is for you to contact me, see if we feel comfortable working together, and if you want me to take charge of making your dream home a reality.

Give me a call, and let’s discuss your project.


From our office in Marbella, we develop projects worldwide in close collaboration with local firms and international clients.








Passion Creates Progress


Villa Helios. A house At the Mediterranean Sea




Xálima Villa , A house at the Caribbean Sea


Water Pavilion


Xálima Island House


Marbella Beach Club


Xálima Promotional Clip


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